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For every complex and difficult problem, there is a solution that is simple, straightforward, and wrong.

– H. L. Mencken

The photo in the header above was taken in early November 2014 near Point Clark, Ontario (my family has a cottage there) — I found the sky extremely beautiful that evening and have enjoyed sharing it.
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Fires and the urban area

One of the major topics of discussion that will be on the Town’s legislative docket this fall is going to be outdoor fires within the urban boundary.  Suffice it to say, there have been a lot of complaints received on this topic.

Most urban municipalities in Ontario follow a ban on this type of practice today.

What do you think?

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OMB Decisions — they usually get it right

We have seen a number of OMB requests and decisions for our town over the past few years.  From my perspective, it is important for us to defend our Official Plan, our zoning by-laws, and frankly how we see our community.

Both this Council and the previous one have been very clear — we have embraced the concept of Greenbelt, we have built the importance of agriculture into our official plan, and we are committed to finishing our community development wise in an appropriate manner.

You hear a lot from certain sectors about the OMB — my experience to date, the people involved are smart and well disciplined in planning issues.  And so far, they have kept developers and our community in check, forcing all to live by our Official Plan.

Not such a bad thing.

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New Year New Council

From left to right -- Lynn Timmers, Tony Brunet, Rob Foster, Paul McPherson, Sandra Easton, Dave Thompson, Wayune MacMillan, John Pachereva

From left to right — Lynn Timmers, Tony Brunet, Rob Foster, Paul McPherson, Sandra Easton, Dave Thompson, Wayune MacMillan, John Pachereva, Dianne Rintjema

First off, to all, wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year.

Our new Town of Lincoln Council has already been meeting both to discuss the Future Focus document and budget for 2015.  Both of these items are of extreme importance and will set the tone for the next 4 years.

Click here to view the Draft Future Focus document as developed by the new Council and presented at the January 5 2015 Council meeting.

Committees have been formed, chairs chosen and the work of Council is about to begin in earnest.  I am pleased to be Deputy Mayor for 2015/2016 and further am looking forward to chairing the newly constituted Economic Development & Planning committee.

Please check out my blog regularly and those of other Councillors regularly to help bring you up to date on the happenings with our local government.

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Hockey and our new arena in Beamsville

I have to admit, I kinda forgot how much I like hockey.  I refereed, coached and was a director of the Lincoln Minor Hockey Association for a lot of years, something I set aside with all the other commitments involved with politics, jobs, kids, etc.

So, this weekend, I have spent time at the new arena complex, watching our minor midget team (coached by fellow Councillor JD Pachereva) in the new early season tournament.   This afternoon, at 2 and 3 pm, our Beamsville teams will be playing in the championship games of bantam and minor midget.

Two things — what a great facility 🙂  I knew when it was being built that it had features that would work well.  I spent time this morning checking out the various angles and spots in the arena, watching the game.  Even got to watch my brother in law, Tim Davies, referee a game (I will not critique his performance 🙂 )

Anyway, it is a great place to watch a game and I intend to be spending a lot more time watching our local teams.

Congrats to our LMHA for a terrific tournament.


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Community Complex — it’s here :)

This morning, Council, staff, our MP Dean Allison and so many from the community got a chance to open the new arena and library complex in Beamsville.

A little bit of work left — landscaping, some minor things within — I look forward to seeing all that go into place too.

Thank you Lincoln for believing in the vision of your Council and for participating in the development of this beautiful facility.


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Questions for this election

In today’s Globe and Mail, Tim Hudak proposes as a promise this election to cut 100,000 public sector jobs.  What an interesting promise that I think needs further review.  (See Hudak vows to cut 100,000 public sector jobs if Tories win election)

Exactly what areas does he propose to cut jobs?

What about Health Care?

My wife, who works in a hospital in Hamilton, is part of a team that provides cancer care for patients.  Each person who comes through the hospital will be touched/affected by many many people — doctors, specialists, nurses, MLTs such as my wife, cleaning staff, kitchen staff, etc., etc.  Are these the types of jobs he proposes to cut?

No different than cancer, many people have children with special needs and challenges when they are born — is the proposal to eliminate those jobs?

What about Education?

Well, that’s always been an easy one to take shots at.  Yet, those who educate are providing the insight and understanding to our children in order for them to succeed in the future.  I have several members of my family that were teachers and are teachers, people who are very good at their jobs.  Are these the jobs he proposes to cut?

Reality — as pointed out by a person who posted to my Facebook page — 1 in 12 Ontarians is employed in the civil service.  What he failed to point out is, our society is changing.  The needs of our society, particularly in health care, is increasing.  In Hamilton, for instance, health care is the largest employer now.

There seems to be a myth espoused by the political right that civil servants are somehow milking the system.

I am curious, however — when you need a hip replacement, or require treatment for cancer, or require health care for a child, exactly how many of these people do you want to see cut?


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