Views on this “brave new world” …

I’ve never blogged before.  So, starting today, I am entering a whole new realm of thought, of thinking and of presenting my information to the world.

I’ve had a little more experience than many of my fellow classmates when it comes to technology change.  And I’ve been wrong on several occasions too.

Back in about 1985 or so, I was completely convinced that this new fad coming along, namely the so-called “personal computer”, was going to be a short term fiasco.  I was at the time working with mini-computers, basically machines with a strong central processor and a bunch of dumb terminals hooked off it.  Why would anyone want anything different?  OK, my view turned out to be wrong.

But this was a learning lesson for me and I’ve been careful not to repeat it — one has to take a look at technology, both physical and application wise, and think of it with an open mind.

So, today I start to put my views of the universe into a forum that is definitely public …  We’ll see if I say anything totally crazy …

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