Before the microblogging and lifestreaming

This week social media wise is the one I have been looking forward to (or dreading) the most.

First and foremost, I am not as yet sold on the concept of “location” and “knowing where one is at” — It appears I’m not the only one.  In a recent Globe and Mail series on Location Based Services, the author discusses that Canadians are not sold on this concept, in large measure because of privacy concerns:

However,  as I mentioned in my last blog, the experts are saying that this is going to be one of the big pieces of future social media — location based apps/information.  And it appears that it is business that is most keenly wanting to exploit this type of information, as noted in this article:

I have watched how others make use of Twitter.  Sophia Aggelonitis, the provincial Member of Parliament from Hamilton Mountain and a Minister in the Ontario Government, regularly tweets on what she is up to — many other politicians also make use of this technology.  Frankly, it seems to be one of the tools of choice when it comes to messaging.  I guess this does make sense, as politicians do try to do the “soundbite” thing at the best of times.  I digress 🙂

The numbers for Sophia are interesting:

  • 131 Tweets
  • 224 Following
  • 60 Listed
  • I recently read an article in the Globe that talked about Twitter versus Facebook — while Facebook is the overwhelming tool of choice for the younger generation, it appears Twitter seems to attract a little older group, which I might add surprised me.

    I use this all as background to provide context on why I have Twitter and Tumblr accounts, but frankly haven’t taken the time to truly make use of them.

    So, this changes this week … more to come in next posting …

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