Twitter …

So, I have spent the past week getting acquainted with Twitter.  Has my view changed? … I’ll save that for the conclusion 🙂

From the “About Twitter” page:

“Twitter is a real-time information network that connects you to the latest information about what you find interesting. Simply find the public streams you find most compelling and follow the conversations.”

So, taking this as the raison-d’etre, I decided to look for people I know and topics I like, to get a flavour of the type of information that is there and available.  Both for libraries and for politics, I was able to find a number of sources/people that actually were providing tweets that added to my understanding and knowledge, which I found very exciting.

For example, I found Rick Anderson (@RickAnderson), a political commentator here in Canada, right away and was pleased with the types of tweets he was presenting — I have always found his postings in Facebook to be on topics that were both interesting and politically challenging, and his tweets are no different.  He has also taken an active interest in the unfolding disaster that is going on in Japan, providing excellent sources for further review.

I also found Joe Murphy’s “@libraryfuture” and am now following his tweets, along with several other library focused Tweeters (if that is the correct term).  Joe appears to be well followed, with over 5500 people following his tweets.

Interestingly, I also found several of my fellow Town Councillors tweeting, which I must admit was a complete surprise.  (I am an elected Councillor in the Town of Lincoln, in Niagara).

At the end of the week, I have 19 people/groups that I am following — sadly, no one is following my tweets as yet, but that’s OK — I haven’t exactly provided earth shattering “stuff” as of yet.

And I think that is part of the Twitter process — building what it is you are about and providing content that will be of interest to that group.  I think when I finally get my feet solidly under me with Twitter, my posts are likely to be in the area of local politics and possibly library advocacy, an interesting combination I think.

So, has my view of Twitter changed?  Indeed, I think it fair to say that it has.  When I first got involved with Twitter, I simply didn’t realize the amount of control one has over what is being followed — and I think I am more appreciative of it now.

I am planning on going mobile in the next week or two — we shall see if Twitter comes along as one of my tools of choice in that realm 🙂

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