There’s Clouds on the Horizon …

I am a member of the Rotary Club in my town — and this past Tuesday morning, we had a speaker, Marcel Mongeon, who is an expert (from a business perspective) on Copyright.  The discussion was fascinating and, thanks to a well placed question by yours truly, the issue of digital locks and libraries came up.

The answer was fascinating — he touched on digital locks, then started talking about  HarperCollins decision to only allow 26 copies of a purchased ebook to be distributed per license … this lead to where he was really going and that was “the cloud”.

Basically, his comments were that it is business and publishers interest to make use of “the clould” rather than selling physical (disks) or downloads when it comes to a lot of intellectual property.  Diane mentions in her comments that Microsoft products work on your desktop, but that is changing (watch their “cloud” commercials …).  Mongeon mentioned that Microsoft is rapidly changing the way they are handling their products.

The “cloud” has come about simply because of technological improvement — connectivity speeds are incredible, even at home, and systems that are being tied to have excellent underlying operating systems and huge amounts of memory space (sadly, I remember when a big memory on a computer was 8K 🙂 )

For those who are concerned about privacy around your data, this is the one, in my opinion, that you should be truly concerned about.

More to come on this topic …

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