Planning Meeting for Town of Lincoln May 9, 2011

Planning and Development Committee Meeting

Town of Lincoln

May 9, 2011

There are 3 items on the agenda this evening, with the most important being a public meeting to discuss the Community Improvement Plan being recommended for the Beamsville area of the Town.

Quote from report PL 11-18:

This report has been prepared to provide background information to the Planning and Development Committee and the general public for the public meeting being held on May 9, 2011 regarding an amendment to the Town’s Official Plan to update the existing community improvement policies.

The other two issues for this evening’s meeting are:

· Report on a Zoning by-law report and a recommendation from staff for 1071025 Ontario Inc., and

· Removal of Part-Lot Control – Maplecrest Developments Phase 2, Plan 30M-389, Blocks 107-109 & 111.


Chair, Planning and Development Committee

Town of Lincoln

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