GO Transit … makes sense and will be in Niagara soon …


GO Transit is coming and I think it is great for Niagara, West Niagara and frankly Lincoln that the first step is building the system out to Grimsby. Will be convenient to our citizens and will prepare us all for eventual expansion further.

The single biggest problem for GO continuing to Niagara Falls/St. Catharines is the single track through Lincoln. To resolve this requires the building of a new bridge across the riven in Jordan — this is no small undertaking. I think the Mayor of Niagara Falls is correct that the development could cost much less, but I think this is a situation where we would want to do it right.

This is certainly a very progressive plan. Seems most people believe this type of public transit expansion is appropriate and very much needed into Niagara, except at least one politician who wants to slash a road through the heartland of Niagara. Why? Well, it certainly will reward the construction industry and the aggregate industry with profits, as such a road would cost billions.

We shall see …

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1 Response to GO Transit … makes sense and will be in Niagara soon …

  1. It’s great news Rob – I am very excited about it!

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