A new path? …

So, the end of June has rolled around and I am embarking on a new path in life, once again.  My role at the Hamilton Public Library, filling in as a manager for the organization, has come to an end.  They have been terrific to work for and I appreciate their support.  But now, the summer beckons and I am looking forward to a much deserved break.

The past few years have been very interesting for me.  I am currently 1/2 way through  my Masters degree at Western, I continue as a Councillor in Lincoln, and am now the President of the Lincoln Rotary Club.  Library wise, I have discovered I have a huge interest and frankly talent in social media, and I continue to be an advocate in the Library realm.

Where is all this going to?  I really don’t know yet.  I have a lot to offer in the library field, but I also have a strong IT and project management background.  And there is also politics.  Sadly, in this last realm, I am a centrist when it appears the Canadian setting is dividing between the left and right.  We shall see.

Too much to think about for a Wednesday evening …

Enjoy Canada Day and US Independence day this weekend, everyone 🙂

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