Final tax bill is in … and I’m annoyed …

There is often a mistaken impression that as Councillors here in our municipality that we are somehow immune to the pressures of taxes on us all …

Just to let you know — I got my final tax bill today and I’m actually quite annoyed.

We worked very hard at the Town this year to keep tax values in check — in fact, it was one of the more brutal budget years I have been through.

But here’s the thing — of the $4230 in taxes I get to pay this year, the breakdown is as follows:

Region of Niagara – 51.1% (tying in waste charges)

Town of Lincoln – 31.4%

Education – 17.4%

It doesn’t quite add up to 100%, but I’m sure the missing .1% went to the Region too 🙂

The problem is quite simple — the value of homes in our municipality have risen and continue to rise — my house, for instance, has an assessed value of $334,000 (as to whether I would ever be able to get that is an entirely other discussion …).  With other areas of Niagara not rising and, in some cases, even slightly decreasing, our municipality seems to be the ones paying the bills.

As the amount going to the Region continues to creep up in our municipality, we do have to ask ourselves — are we being fairly treated?

Something to think about …

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