Flies …

There are problems with flies in certain areas of Beamsville this year.  In my neighbourhood (Cedarbrook Lane area), the levels of flies are elevated from what they have been other years, but are not near as bad as some areas of town appear to be.  Last year, we had pretty significant problems.

A problem such as this creates a bit of a logistical problem.  If it is a health issue, the Region of Niagara is involved.  If it is a farm practices issue, it is OMAFRA (provincial agriculture ministry) that is involved.  As a local politician, there is zero I can do other than get the appropriate resources involved.  And from a Town perspective, that is what we have done.

I took some time and did a review of “flies” — probably the most interesting and worthwhile document I found came from the Illinois Department of Public Health.  This article talks about these pests and how to manage/control them.  I found it quite useful.

Click here to link to Illinois Department of Public Health PDF document.

A lot of people have become experts on this issue recently — I am not one and I certainly don’t pretend to be.

Just to be clear — from an elected Town Council member point of view, I have made sure our concerns are routed to the right organizations to deal with the problems.  In fact, Council in general has been involved and have made the feeling be known through the channels.

Let’s hope we get some good news on all this shortly.

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