Of Hockey and other things

When the last lockout of the hockey players occurred, we were all told that the league was having problems and that a correction was required to the collective system.  And with that, we lost a year of hockey.  This morning, we hear that the NHL has locked out their players once again, once again requiring a change to the collective system.

I don’t know about you, but I am getting very tired of this.  The game that I loved, frankly from the early 70s, has been gone for some time now and it pains me to watch the modern game.  Anyone even thinks of touching another player with a solid body check today needs to think twice.  And now this lockout again.

Personally, whether they resolve this soon or late, I resolve not to watch any more NHL games.  I intend on spending more time at our local arenas watching the game how it should be played.


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