Budget 2013 — Things to watch

Last evening, the Town of Lincoln Corporate Priorities committee met for the first meeting of the budget season.  Last night’s meeting was an opportunity to for Councillors to discuss the items of concern heard in the community and to put them forward for discussion as the budget cycle begins.

As a community, we have some challenges.  Just to be clear, from a financial point of view, our community is in pretty good shape.  And it needs to be — we are likely going to need to do some borrowing to help with the financing of our major capital projects over the next two years.

So, debt financing and debt management are going to be critical.

The WLMH levee that had been put in place several years ago completed in 2012.  So, this figure is being removed from the budget right off the bat.  The last two councillors on our Council, Mr. MacMillan and myself, had promised when the levee first went in place to ensure it was removed upon completion of the commitment.

Anyway, I will be adding more over the next few weeks to my blog about the 2013 budget.

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1 Response to Budget 2013 — Things to watch

  1. Dianne Rintjema says:

    I thought it was a good start to budget season last night. It was good to have an interested Lincolnite there to watch the process that our Council goes through to arrive at budget decisions. Not very many people have the time to casually attend budget meetings but when they have, we have heard that they found it interesting, and it benefits us that we can hear their informed point of view.

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