Questions for this election

In today’s Globe and Mail, Tim Hudak proposes as a promise this election to cut 100,000 public sector jobs.  What an interesting promise that I think needs further review.  (See Hudak vows to cut 100,000 public sector jobs if Tories win election)

Exactly what areas does he propose to cut jobs?

What about Health Care?

My wife, who works in a hospital in Hamilton, is part of a team that provides cancer care for patients.  Each person who comes through the hospital will be touched/affected by many many people — doctors, specialists, nurses, MLTs such as my wife, cleaning staff, kitchen staff, etc., etc.  Are these the types of jobs he proposes to cut?

No different than cancer, many people have children with special needs and challenges when they are born — is the proposal to eliminate those jobs?

What about Education?

Well, that’s always been an easy one to take shots at.  Yet, those who educate are providing the insight and understanding to our children in order for them to succeed in the future.  I have several members of my family that were teachers and are teachers, people who are very good at their jobs.  Are these the jobs he proposes to cut?

Reality — as pointed out by a person who posted to my Facebook page — 1 in 12 Ontarians is employed in the civil service.  What he failed to point out is, our society is changing.  The needs of our society, particularly in health care, is increasing.  In Hamilton, for instance, health care is the largest employer now.

There seems to be a myth espoused by the political right that civil servants are somehow milking the system.

I am curious, however — when you need a hip replacement, or require treatment for cancer, or require health care for a child, exactly how many of these people do you want to see cut?


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