Hockey and our new arena in Beamsville

I have to admit, I kinda forgot how much I like hockey.  I refereed, coached and was a director of the Lincoln Minor Hockey Association for a lot of years, something I set aside with all the other commitments involved with politics, jobs, kids, etc.

So, this weekend, I have spent time at the new arena complex, watching our minor midget team (coached by fellow Councillor JD Pachereva) in the new early season tournament.   This afternoon, at 2 and 3 pm, our Beamsville teams will be playing in the championship games of bantam and minor midget.

Two things — what a great facility 🙂  I knew when it was being built that it had features that would work well.  I spent time this morning checking out the various angles and spots in the arena, watching the game.  Even got to watch my brother in law, Tim Davies, referee a game (I will not critique his performance 🙂 )

Anyway, it is a great place to watch a game and I intend to be spending a lot more time watching our local teams.

Congrats to our LMHA for a terrific tournament.


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