Election 2018 — Niagara Region

So, here we are in Municipal Election 2018.

As I noted and stated clearly late last year, it was my intention to run this time around for Regional Council.  I truly believe what I have learned over the course of 18 years in my role here in Lincoln prepares me well for this challenge.

I will be using my blog (www.robfoster.ca) over the course of this election to talk about issues of concern to our municipality and the Region that have to be addressed, which include:

  • traffic issues, particularly truck traffic coming off the escarpment, that need to be resolved
  • affordable housing and the needs of many in Lincoln who are in need of options as they age or younger who are looking to stay in our community
  • fixing the region, with all that it entails

Further, I will also spend time with this blog talking about election campaigns themselves — what we as candidates go through.

My hope is that I will provide some insight into the electoral process, plus give people a really good idea of the goals we need to accomplish over the next four years at Niagara Region.



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