Questions for this election

In today’s Globe and Mail, Tim Hudak proposes as a promise this election to cut 100,000 public sector jobs.  What an interesting promise that I think needs further review.  (See Hudak vows to cut 100,000 public sector jobs if Tories win election)

Exactly what areas does he propose to cut jobs?

What about Health Care?

My wife, who works in a hospital in Hamilton, is part of a team that provides cancer care for patients.  Each person who comes through the hospital will be touched/affected by many many people — doctors, specialists, nurses, MLTs such as my wife, cleaning staff, kitchen staff, etc., etc.  Are these the types of jobs he proposes to cut?

No different than cancer, many people have children with special needs and challenges when they are born — is the proposal to eliminate those jobs?

What about Education?

Well, that’s always been an easy one to take shots at.  Yet, those who educate are providing the insight and understanding to our children in order for them to succeed in the future.  I have several members of my family that were teachers and are teachers, people who are very good at their jobs.  Are these the jobs he proposes to cut?

Reality — as pointed out by a person who posted to my Facebook page — 1 in 12 Ontarians is employed in the civil service.  What he failed to point out is, our society is changing.  The needs of our society, particularly in health care, is increasing.  In Hamilton, for instance, health care is the largest employer now.

There seems to be a myth espoused by the political right that civil servants are somehow milking the system.

I am curious, however — when you need a hip replacement, or require treatment for cancer, or require health care for a child, exactly how many of these people do you want to see cut?


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Last public skate Beamsville Centennial Arena

Last Skate Beamsville Centennial ArenaCouncillors Dianne Rintjema, Geoff Barlow and I were able to attend the last public skating session on Saturday, March 22 at the Beamsville Centennial Arena.  While none of put on the blades, we had a good time reminiscing with so many about the great times we’ve had in the facility over the years.

Personally, I spent a lot of time refereeing, managing hockey teams and being a member of the Lincoln Minor Hockey Association.

Very soon, it will be torn down and will become the main parking area for our new arena / library complex, which is slated for the grand opening on June 21.  As a project, it is on time and on budget.

So, with sadness, we see the old go … but with enthusiam, in with the new 🙂

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Winter 2013/2014

It’s been a while since I’ve posted to my blog — the first rule of social media is to keep your information up to date and relevant.  However, between my day job (working for a health care company) and council, I’ve been kept pretty busy and have been a bit negligent.

Winter 2013/2014 has been, shall we say, a bit excessive, but from a Town point of view, we’ve done what I consider to be a pretty good job.  Our Public Works has instituted new ways of handling the snowfalls that have meant clear roads quicker, cul-de-sacs passable way sooner than has seen done in the past, and well thought out response plans.

Sidewalk clearance has been “ok” — we will be taking away some lessons learned in this area this year to make improvements for next year.

Contractors clearing snow for seniors has also been “ok” — a few complaints that we have fielded.

Let’s hope that the spring arrives soon! 🙂

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Happy New Year …

From my family to yours, Happy New Year everyone …

May 2013 be happy and prosperous for you 🙂



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Budget 2013 — Things to watch

Last evening, the Town of Lincoln Corporate Priorities committee met for the first meeting of the budget season.  Last night’s meeting was an opportunity to for Councillors to discuss the items of concern heard in the community and to put them forward for discussion as the budget cycle begins.

As a community, we have some challenges.  Just to be clear, from a financial point of view, our community is in pretty good shape.  And it needs to be — we are likely going to need to do some borrowing to help with the financing of our major capital projects over the next two years.

So, debt financing and debt management are going to be critical.

The WLMH levee that had been put in place several years ago completed in 2012.  So, this figure is being removed from the budget right off the bat.  The last two councillors on our Council, Mr. MacMillan and myself, had promised when the levee first went in place to ensure it was removed upon completion of the commitment.

Anyway, I will be adding more over the next few weeks to my blog about the 2013 budget.

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The Great Adventure October 2012

From October 14 to 18, I had the opportunity to travel with Rob Condotta (fellow Councillor here in Lincoln) and his daughter Chloe to Alberta — his daughter lives there and a variety of things needed to be moved to her farm.  So, it was an adventure.

I have posted on Facebook some of the pictures I took — I did take almost 250 (thank goodness for digital photography!!) and tried to give a sense of the trip.  It is broken down by day.

Conclusion — very much enjoyed travelling with the Condottas.  Not so sure I would ever do a 4 day straight drive again …

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Motion Sept 26 in the House of Commons

The above motion was voted upon in the House of Commons yesterday.

Our MP, Dean Allison, voted in favour.

The motion lost, however.

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