Fires and the urban area

One of the major topics of discussion that will be on the Town’s legislative docket this fall is going to be outdoor fires within the urban boundary.  Suffice it to say, there have been a lot of complaints received on this topic.

Most urban municipalities in Ontario follow a ban on this type of practice today.

What do you think?

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OMB Decisions — they usually get it right

We have seen a number of OMB requests and decisions for our town over the past few years.  From my perspective, it is important for us to defend our Official Plan, our zoning by-laws, and frankly how we see our community.

Both this Council and the previous one have been very clear — we have embraced the concept of Greenbelt, we have built the importance of agriculture into our official plan, and we are committed to finishing our community development wise in an appropriate manner.

You hear a lot from certain sectors about the OMB — my experience to date, the people involved are smart and well disciplined in planning issues.  And so far, they have kept developers and our community in check, forcing all to live by our Official Plan.

Not such a bad thing.

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